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Week. Ended ; 03.03.2017


The DOW JONES bettered 18,309.1 points. What happened next will astound you!

Okay, I'll concede it's a "clickbait" headline but to be honest, REALLY want people to click adverts they find of interest.


We were NOT paid for the original article, this being part of our PR output to Interactive Investor - probably the UK's (maybe even the worlds) largest brokerage and the nice folk who've kept faith with us since 2012. Our ONLY source of income is; a few subscribers for daily reports and people finding relevant adverts fascinating. So, if this is clickbait, so be it.

But it's also a true story.

On October 31st, we published this article - here's a LINK to the original.


On November 8th 2016, the DOW JONES indeed exceeded 18309.1 points and by February 15th next, it hit our 20525 longer term target. A rise of 2,216 points.

Once triggered, the market would have needed fall below 18000 points to cancel the rise potential. It didn't.

So, if you'd opened a trade a £1 per point, you'd be £2,216 better off. Or at £100 per point, a brain melting £221,600 ahead!


We've become fairly used to this sort of thing over the years but folk berate us for not banging our own drum.

The fact it's taken us over two weeks to respond to this DOW movement is a reflection not of arrogance but rather ,we'd rather do something else than spend a few hours writing an article which most folk will disregard as bullshit. This, despite evidence freely available in the public domain.



The truth, complete and unvarnished, is had you followed our original article to the letter, committed £100 on a spread bet, just two and a bit months later you'd be a really smug git.

We doubt anyone actually did this despite, on the day, the trade triggering and virtually NO STOP LOSS was required.


In addition, in 2016 we published JUST ONE ARTICLE - above - recommending the reader print it and "stick it on the wall !".


Here's a couple of other facts.


It's estimated 86% of people opening accounts to Spread Bet or CFD lose money.

It's estimated 60% of the UK's hedge funds shut down during 2016.


The answer to the first fact is complexly simple. The majority lose money 'cos they're greedy. Patience and gambling are two words which never belong in the same sentence unless as a warning. I don't trade myself because as soon as something ceases being theoretical, I've a strong, almost panic laden, emotional response with an inevitable conclusion. Once back in 2012, I allocated 50 quid to an account to "Play the FTSE" for the day.

My first 27 trades (yes, really) all proved profitable as I pocketed £1 profit each time. This highlighted the complete lack of patience I suffer from; the truth was every single trade had a target of between 5 and 10 points. But I'd panic and assure myself "No-one ever went broke making a profit".

Then came the 28th trade...

It was nearly 4 pm and I hadn't taken the dogs out. But I'd been having a great fun day, so changed my ante from £1 per point to £2 per point, glanced at the market and didn't really have a clue what was coming. So opened a LONG position with the default 30 point stop, clicked Place Order, and bundled the dogs into the car.

Two hours later I returned to discover, inevitably, I'd been cleaned out just before the closing bell and the stop tripped. My account boasted just 27 quid left, three pounds below the minimum to place a trade.

I have never traded the market since. I proved to myself just how stupid I can be - like a monkey finding an AK47. Placing a trade on a guess, then taking the dogs for a walk was not patience, just the act of a fool.


Clients are strongly discouraged from giving us ANY information about their trades. We utterly detest becoming emotionally involved and there was nothing worse than the client who advised "For every cent movement, I stand to make another $100,000 dollars" on a particular deal.

Some overtrade, sending us panic emails for inspiration to help them out of a mess they entered simply due to the "need" to have a trade in play.


Two things are needed to avoid being part of the 86% trade failures. One is patience, the other is the right information.

I like to think, by NOT trading, I provide the right information.

Now, either click an advert or become a client!




Once again though, the burning question is; "HOW THE HELL DO WE GET NOTICED ?"






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